About Us

Bionode LLC is a young and passionate biotechnology company located in San Diego, California. With the trend of biotechnology development in this area, Bionode is able to connect with professionals and industry from various different aspects. The company was operating as a contract service group several years ago before filed in the state office. In the beginning of this year, with the help Dr. Wilson from New Alliance laboratories, we are able to expand our network and provide international services.

The company focuses on in vitro diagnostic reagent and research biochemical for life science and food analysis laboratories. Based on target epitope designed monoclonal antibodies and proprietary signal magnification technologies, we are able to develop ultra-sensitive methodologies and test kits based on it. Proteins and/or small molecules such as pesticide, herbicide, veterinary agents and mycotoxin can be target analyte, and furthermore, with low matrix interference.

Binode believes research is better with better service and products, which is also our vision and goal here.